Product Description: 

Browse our diverse collection of almonds, sourced from the United States, Italy, Spain, and Chile. Available in a variety of forms including whole, broken, sliced, slivered, diced, meal, flour, butter, paste, and protein powder. Choose from natural, blanched, salted, dry-roasted, or pasteurized to fit your culinary needs. 

Product Details: 

  • Origin: United States, Italy, Spain, Chile 
  • Forms: Whole, Broken, Sliced, Slivered, Diced, Meal, Flour, Butter, Paste, Protein Powder 
  • Varieties: Natural, Blanched, Salted, Dry Roasted, Pasteurized 

Disclaimer: Please note that we may offer a wider range of origins, forms, and varieties than those currently listed; we encourage you to contact us directly for any specific needs or inquiries. 

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