Remote Work Starter Kit: What You Need to Get Started and Succeed

Rally the whole squad together to solve mysteries, puzzles, and brain-busting challenges in order to make a daring escape. The best part is that each escape room box includes multiple games which can be split into even smaller games. Additionally, every box comes with 3-4 props to help improve teamwork and allow them to solve the challenge. They’ll love carrying all their office supplies in their new customized tote bag, cozying up in the super-soft t-shirt, and staying hydrated with their stylish new water bottle. They’ll use the power bank to keep all their new company-issued devices juiced. And when the time comes to bust out the Bluetooth tracker to find one of their very important items, they’ll be relieved and thrilled you gave them the handy device.

The Work From Home Starter Kit

The motivation and pressure they used to feel when working on-site have magically disappeared. The key to keeping productivity on a high level is maintaining regular contact with colleagues, setting clear targets, and monitoring performance and activities. Work from home apps can provide all this and turn things around if working from your laptop has already become slow and inefficient. The Happy Hour Kit is the perfect team building kit to get the conversations flowing and team bonding going. The DIY Terrarium Building Kit is the perfect gift for the team — especially if you have an office pet lizard or frog! Simply download the terrarium kit instructions, and start putting it together.

Best Video Conferencing Apps for Remote Working

Give them a gift that lets them create personalized pottery masterpieces at home. This kit includes two packs of air-dry clay, brushes, paint, carving tools, and everything else they’ll need to create some unique and priceless family heirlooms. Kudos is among the remote work tools that can truly improve employee engagement and experience and strengthen your company even when the team is not physically in the same place. The mission of this tool is to motivate remote workers to go that extra mile and reach higher, knowing their efforts are always recognized and rewarded.

And like almost everything else, being disciplined in your remote work is a skill you have to learn. I still find myself distracted by Twitter or Steam or something else shiny. I go weeks without using the reflection and mindful sections of my planner.

Show Your Company Spirit with WFH Gifts for Employees

Office chairs today are cheap, and usually have at least a minimum amount of support. Especially if you are prone to backaches or don’t work out things needed to work from home very often, supporting your back is crucial. Working from the sofa may seem exciting at first, but it’s not the best environment to be in.

  • It’s a great reminder that you’re committed to making sure you aren’t working all the time.
  • However, you can customize the system with additional Nest cameras, the Google Nest Hub, the Nest thermostat, as well as additional door and window sensors.
  • On the surface, it may seem like working from home provides all the perks and comforts your employees need to be productive and successful.
  • Learn and taste three different types of aged teas in this virtual experience.

As you can see, there’s a truly wide range of options in terms of the tangible objects you can include in a wellness swag pack. Knowing that your company cares about you can be truly beneficial for remote workers in terms of how relaxed and motivated they feel. Giving your remote teams something as simple as a yoga mat might give them a reason to workout and feel more motivated.

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If you become a premium member, you can work to the sounds of a Brazilian bistro or a Texas teahouse. Even better, you can plant trees with your teammates or run an online competition to see who can resist using their phones the longest when working remotely. If working from home has got you overwhelmed, a tool that will give you the confidence that you’ll meet those deadlines and deliver work that will amaze your team could be everything that you need. Infinity’s Basic plans start from $3.75 per user per month, and Pro plans start from $6 per user per month. All plans come with a 14-day money back guarantee, which allows you to get your money back in 14 days from the moment of purchasing a subscription plan. Having all the tools you’d normally need while working in an office makes easing into remote work, well, easier.

You now know pretty much everything there is to know about work from home survival kits for your remote employees. Combine a work from home gift and a team-building event, with this festive employee survival kit idea. Nothing brings a virtual team together quite like icebreakers, snacks, and cocktails.