Cereal is all about texture, flavor, and shelf life. Bedemco helps you liven up the typical morning bowl with our diced dried fruits, nuts, seeds, and blends. From granolas to oatmeal to muesli – our ingredients will add that extra flavor to your products.

When adding dried fruits and nuts to cereals, the healthy fats and high-fibers give you that extra boost of energy and will keep you feeling full all morning long. Try adding in some sunflower, pumpkin, flax, millet, or hemp seeds for an additional crunch and nutritional impact.

From dates, to raisins, to strawberries, to blueberries, to coconut flakes, to golden raisins, you can practically add any diced dried fruit to your cereal mixes for just the perfect pinch of sweetness. And when it comes to nuts, the options are also endless. All nuts from brazil nuts to macadamias to almonds go great in mixes.

Moisture is key, and we can work with you to provide shelf-stable versions of your favourite ingredients to help you maintain crisp texture to the last bite.

Popular Cereal Ingredients