Who We Are


About Us.

Throughout four generations, Bedemco has built relationships with growers, processors and manufacturers all over the world. These relationships have earned Bedemco an excellent reputation as importers, exporters and manufacturers of dried fruits, dried vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Bedemco supplies the highest quality natural and organic ingredients to major industrial food manufacturers, bakeries, snack packers, bulk distributors and commercial food service chains. 

We service markets throughout the world, including North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Sourcing products around the globe, we work with only the most reputable producers to supply the very best products available, all processed in modern, state-of-the-art facilities.

As consumers ourselves, all of us at Bedemco share the concerns of our customers to find good tasting, healthful and nutritious products – pesticide and additive- free, non-genetically modified and organic, whenever possible. Let us make your job easier by providing you with the finest quality products and most conscientious service available.

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Bedemco History

Thanks to generations of international trading experience with agricultural commodities and a multitude of contacts, Eli Demeshulam started Bedemco in North America to develop a novel approach to supplying food products – educate quality processors around the globe about the preferences of Western consumers.

With an assortment of fruit, nut and seed items, we have grown through the years to become respected leaders and innovators in the import and export of agricultural products. We work closely with our customers to play an integral role in formulating industry standards, packaging design and marketing programs. We are proud of what we have accomplished. As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to this industry and its continued improvement.



Bedemco is a wholesale distributor of dried fruits, nuts and seeds to wholesale distributors and manufacturers. Our mission is to provide the freshest goods at the best possible prices, consistently available, delivered fast, and backed by quality assurance and quality guarantees. We strive to make the entire experience of buying our products easy for our customers by using the latest technology platforms to provide timely delivery and accurate information.

Core Values.

We value our customers, our employees, and being part of a community and business organizations that are broader than Bedemco. We value health, respecting humankind, and the spirit of others. We don’t believe in judging, but rather fairness. We believe in always developing, never resting, and pursuing the best business practices that make work easier, while enabling us to serve our customers capably. We value long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers and the broader business community.


The challenges we have faced have served to make us better. Our vision for the future is to be recognized as reputable leaders in the markets we serve. We strive to continually improve our customer’s experience and we will never be complacent. We will continually adapt to our environment by pursuing the best employees, the best technologies, the best business practices, and the best business partners the industry has to offer.

Our Leadership.

Eli Demeshulam


Eli Demeshulam started Bedemco Inc. in New York to develop a novel approach for supplying food ingredients to businesses throughout the world.  With generations of experience with dried fruit, nuts and seeds, Eli has grown to become an expert as well as a respected leader and innovator in the import and export of agricultural products.