Blueberries – Dried

Product Description: 

Experience the lush taste of our dried blueberries, responsibly sourced from the United States. Our assortment includes whole berries, crumbles, diced, or puree, and comes in both cultivated and wild types. With options in organic or conventional, with or without oil, sugar-infused, unsweetened, or apple juice infused, we cater to a broad range of dietary preferences. 

Product Details: 

  • Origin: United States 
  • Form: Whole, Crumbles, Diced, Puree, Cultivated, Wild 
  • Varieties: Organic, Conventional, with or without oil, Sugar Infused, Unsweetened, Apple Juice Infused 

Disclaimer: Please note that we may offer a wider range of origins, forms, and varieties than those currently listed; we encourage you to contact us directly for any specific needs or inquiries.