Meats & Prepared Foods

Prepared Salad Toppers:
Dried fruits and nuts are the perfect topping for salads. They add the just the right amount of crunch and flavor to a healthy meal. Plus, they are a great extra source of fiber, healthy fats and protein!

Prepared Meals: 
Prepared meal companies are changing the way Americans both make and consume their breakfast, lunch and dinner. For a growing number of Americans, meal delivery services provide that answer.  No prep, no cooking and no cleaning? Sign us up. These meals are often healthier and cheaper than going to the grocery store because it is unlikely to have product waste. 

Sausages Companies:
More and more sausage and meat companies are transitioning to using natural sweeteners to their sausages. Dried apples and cranberries are two of the most popular ingredients in this growing segment. Other sausage and meat companies are becoming even more unique by adding dried fruits such as dried pineapples, diced figs, diced apricots and diced mangoes.

Jerky Companies:
The jerky market is increasing significantly year after year due to it being a high protein, low calorie and low fat snack.  Most jerky companies have a teriyaki flavor which are marinaded with sesame seeds.  Other jerky companies are coming out with new ways to market and sell their products by creating jerky trail mixes with mixed nuts, dried fruits and seeds.  

Popular Meat & Prepared Food Ingredients